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Belly Dancing in Frederick County, Maryland
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Sitamun teachers classes in Frederick, Maryland. She has study with many master teachers. Her studies of Middle Eastern Dance have included Nubian, Ghawazee, Turkish Oriental, Egyptian Oriental, Raks el-Sayf (Sword Dancing), Turkish spoon dance, Gypsy (ROM) Dance, Khaleegi (Saudi or Gulf "Thobe Nashal" Dance), Raks al Assaya (Cane Dance), Raks al Shemadan(Candelabrum Dance) and Spanish Fusion. She is renowned for her Raks Al Senniyya (Tray Dance).

She is an award-winning belly dancer and was 2nd runner up in the 2011 Masters Category at the National Belly Dance Competitions and has served as a judge and The East Coast Classics.

Besides classical oriental style and folkloric styles of Middle Eastern Dance, she has studied ballet, jazz and tap. She continues to refine her belly dance skills by studying Egyptian Style Rak Sharki and taking seminars and workshops with Master Teachers. Sitamun has completed Journey to Egypt Level 1 and 2 certification program under the direction of Sahra Kent and is also a practitioner of Yoga and has completed Yoga instructor training in 2010.

Sitamun performances have been at ethnic festivals, private parties, dance reviews, belly grams, and restaurants. She was a member of, Dancers of the Blue Nile Troupe, from 1990-1994 under the direction of Nazife. Recently Sitamun has been featured in articles in the Frederick News and Post and the Frederick Gazette. She was also on News 25 Hagerstown. In November 2002 she taught Belly Dance instruction for the Student Culture Society at Mount Saint Mary’s and performed in their Gala Dance Review that feature dancing from around the world. She now directs her own award-winning dance troupe, Tears of Aset. Her troupe has performed not only locally but has delighted audiences from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

Sitamun believes dancing is for everyone no matter how young or old they maybe. She enjoys creating her own original choreographs. She modifies and blends the techniques of Turkish and Egyptian styles to form her own unique style of Raks Sharki. Along with teaching and performing, she is also a workshop and show sponsor. Outside of Belly Dance, Sitamun is an IT Specialist System Administrator; certified Webmaster Project Manager and holds a BA in Spanish Studies and Art.