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No dance experiences necessary. Women of all ages and body types can belly dance. Sitamun creates a fun yet challenging atmosphere for beginners. Lessons for advanced students can include choreography, veil routines, and other props such as tray, candles. Belly Dancing is something you can do it regardless of your figure type or age. Sitamun’s classes are progression designed with each lesson building upon the prior weeks' lesson. Belly Dance is considered muscle-toning low impact aerobic exercise, be sure to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

What is Belly Dance?

Belly Dance is the nomenclature that is used in the west for a style of dance found in many of the areas of the "Middle East". The term "Belly Dance" is believed to have originated with Napoleon's soldiers who were probably the first Europeans to see the dance. They labeled it "danse du ventre", which is French for "Dance of the Stomach". The English term "Belly Dance" is directly translated from the French. "Belly Dance" is called "Raks Sharki" in Arabic and in Turkey it is referred to as oryantal dansý both terms translates to "Dance of the East", which is why we hear it called "Oriental Dance." Many dancers in the United States and Europe prefer the term Middle Eastern Dance (MED for short) because the dance is traditionally from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Turkey. No matter what it is called "Belly Dance" it is a dance involving the entire body especially the hips.

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Belly Dancing in Frederick County, Maryland

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